The Joventut, judge of the descent in the return of López-Arostegui

The Joventut this Sunday will become Miribilla before him Retabet Bilbao in relegation judge since if he defeats the team led by the former green-black Alex Mumbrú will send the people of Bilbao to the LEB Gold and if he loses it will be him Movistar Student who loses the category.

The game will mean the return to the slopes of the forward of Getxo Xabi López-Arostegui after two months in the dry dock after injuring an ankle in the second game of the Eurocup quarterfinal against the Bologna Virtus.

However, the Swedish pivot will not be in Bilbao Simon Birgander due to a sprained right ankle that was done in the last game against him MoraBanc
Andorra (99-92). Carles duran will feature the latest addition to the team, the escort Pep Busquets.

On the green-black bench will be Carles duran, former coach of the Bilbao team, who has led the Badalona team to the playoffs improving the numbers of two seasons ago when they also qualified for the Penya for the title playoffs with 18 wins, although there was one less team in the league then.

The coincidences of the calendar could cause Alex Mumbrú lost the category to the team in which he was formed and lived glorious moments such as the conquest of the Eurocup from FIBA ​​in 2006.

The Penya He has “small goals to play serious and involved in the game,” his coach told the club’s media. The main one to add a victory to finish the regular league “with the best feelings and get well” to the quarter-final tie against Barça.

Another reason you want to win the Penya the match is to “make a better second round in victories over the first” which would mean with 21 wins the best regular league in Duran at the head of the Joventut since he came to the team in February 2018 to save it from relegation.

The green-black coach said of the Bilbao team that he has “excellent players” who have found “the balance” coinciding with this moment of “weakness” that they are living in the fight for salvation.

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