The Hall of Fame elevates Kobe, Garnett and Duncan in an emotional gala

Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett they are already among the largest. The Basketball Hall of Fame, the basketball hall of fame, yesterday raised three of the greatest exponents of the NBA universe during this 21st century. In a gala full of emotion, the memory and the words of affection were the protagonists.

Kobe bryant He was the great absentee from the gala, who died just over a year ago in that tragic helicopter accident. Your “graduation” companions, Tim and Kevin, they were in charge of having him always present. Words of affection between the honorees followed each other throughout the night.

Garnett he was the first to receive the honors. The mythical center recalled his arrival in the league, his growth in Minnesota and how, later, Boston turned him into a man. In his speech he wanted to remember his rivals, especially Duncan and Bryant, for having made him a better player and person.

In the absence of Bryant, his family was the one that received the most tributes. Friday was his daughter Natalie the one that received the jacket that is given to the protagonist. She, with her mother Vanessa, posed with the plaque that credits Kobe as one of the greatest of all time.

In a star-studded league, these three were among the top three of their generation. And they did it, almost always, with their own light. Titles, accolades and epic nights they were evenly split among three of the best players the NBA has seen.

After Garnett, and after other protagonists of the night, it was the turn of Tim duncan. Sober, as always, but knowing that the occasion was worth it. His legacy in the league, leading one of the biggest dynasties never seen, it is indelible.

However, the great claim of the night was Kobe bryant. Basketball surrendered to its legend in a historic ceremony. The debt paid to the player, making him a place among the greatest in front of his family.

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