The great droughts that ended in 2021: Argentina, Cruz Azul, Atlas, Atlanta Braves and the Milwaukee Bucks

The main droughts that ended in 2021

ANDl 2021 was a year that will go down in history in sports, after a pandemic generated by Covid-19, fans could return to the stadiums to see their favorite teams. What they did not expect is that it would be the end of the longest untitled droughts, teams that had not been crowned for years did so again.

In the Mexican league, at the national team level, in Italy, and even in other sports such as the NBA and MLB, the franchises that had years in search of a title for their showcases were celebrating again and best of all, they did it with their fans.

The first was one of the most anticipated in Mexican soccer, and it seemed impossible to happen again. May 27, 2021 will remain in the history of the Blue Cross Well, after more than 23 years, The Machine was once again champion of the MX League after beating Los Santos de la Comarca Laguna 2-1 on aggregate. This title unleashed madness in the streets and the celestial fans came out to celebrate the Angel of Independence after so many years of mockery and lost endings.

On July 10, 2021, the end of another drought would end, this time at the national team level, since Argentina led by Lionel Messi won the Copa América against Brazil, all thanks to a goal from Ángel Di María. The last time that the albiceleste lifted a title was in 1993 in the same contest, in addition It was the first title with the senior team for the Argentine star, Lio Messi, With these ended another drought in the year.

But this did not stop, in other sports long streaks also end without a championship, in the MLB we had the case of one of the most emblematic, the case of the Atlanta Braves, who after 26 years returned to win the World Series, this time against the Houston Astros. In the NBA There are also streaks of teams without a title, but this year it was for the Milwaukee Bucks, who then 50 years raised the trophy again after winning the series 4-2 against the Phoenix Suns, which meant the first title for the Greek Giannis Antetokounmpo.

2021 had one more story for us before the end of the year, in the league MX the longest drought ends without a title, the Atlas de Guadalajara raised a trophy again after 70 years, a lifetime without seeing their champion team but the Rojinegros fans did it again by defeating León on penalties.

Without a doubt this year was magical for those teams that they did not achieve a degree in many yearsIt seems that the stars lined up and granted a moment of glory after a difficult year with the pandemic, it will be necessary to wait if this was an asterisk in the history of the leagues or these teams manage to form a dynasty.

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