The Calvary of Ansu Fati continues

Bad news with Ansu Fati. The evolution of the youth squad injury continues unsatisfactory and the three steps through the operating room still do not give the expected result. Both Barça and the player are very concerned about the situation and both parties are considering emergency measures in the coming days to try to make the striker available at least for the start of next season.

There is no way to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ansu Fati has been in the dry dock for six months after breaking the meniscus in November last year. Initially, the young talent was going to be out for four months, but his recovery process has turned into hell. Right from the start, Ansu had to stay five days in the Clinic after the operation. Weeks later, the knees began to swell causing pain. By not submitting this, the player was intervened again at the end of January, as claimed by TV3.

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This new arthroscopy did not give the expected result either. The season seemed to end for Ansu, who was assimilating that he could not even arrive in time for the Eurocup. Now with more caution and focusing his recovery towards next season, the sensations continued to be worrying. The knee did not support the workload well, so, according to ‘AS’, a third intervention was carried out to clean the meniscus. That was at the end of March and, since then, progress has been practically nil. At the minimum that Ansu has wanted to take a step forward, the knee has not responded.

To this day, both Barça and the youth squad are seriously considering the option of a new step under the knife in the coming days. It will be the player who decides but if the sensations do not improve, everything indicates that a fourth operation will take place, this time not by Doctor Ramón Cugat. TO By now, even the start of next season is at risk for the Barça winger.

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