The Bucks let slip a win made against Bogdanovic and the Hawks

The Milwaukee Bucks were unable to close out last night’s game against Atlanta Hawks and, after a good start, they let slip a victory they had made. The final score of 104 to 111 hides the gruesome final partial that they allowed to end up losing.

The Hawks, who they got to lose 12 with just over six minutes to go, they never gave up and tightened the nuts some bucks that fell apart when push came to shove.

The final part of Atlanta, led by a Bogdan Bogdanovic sensational, found no response from Wisconsin and allowed the locals to regain lost ground and deal such a strong moral blow to their rival that they failed to recover.

Serbian last night scored 32 points on 12/21 shots to basket, managing to be the top scorer of the game and the beacon the Hawks needed to break through in the fourth quarter. Without Trae Young, he goes down with a sprain, Bogdanovic became the leader of his team.

The European star had the help of John Collins, with 18 points, and Kevin Huerter, who contributed 20 in your locker. Both were very successful in the face of the rim and accompanied in the task of recovering the distance with respect to the Bucks.

Milwaukee, what He came from beating the Sixers the night before, he found himself lacking in strength in the fourth quarter and unable to stop the Hawks’ offense.

Giannis Antetokounmpo again led the Bucks, contributing 31 points and 14 rebounds, but without managing to become a winning factor for theirs on a night in which the Nets won and extended their lead in the Eastern Conference.

Khris Middleton was also fine on the shot, scoring 23 points., but it did not have the sufficient impact to avoid the defeat of his. Neither could Jrue Holiday, who added a double-double of 19 points and 11 assists, without being rewarded.

Atlanta what recently lost Young facing several weeks, He clings as he can to his position in the standings, one that if he remained would give him a ticket to the playoff with an advantage at home. They currently have 34 wins and 27 losses.

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