The battle between Fernando Alonso and Sergio Pérez for the podium in Russia that was not seen on television

The battle of Alonso vs.  Pérez at the Russian GP

The battle of Alonso vs.  Pérez at the Russian GP
The battle of Alonso vs. Pérez at the Russian GP
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The final bars of the career of the Russian GP they were heart attack. The rain led to numerous incidents on the track in all positions, and was decisive not only for the victory (Lando norris lost it in favor of Lewis hamilton for not entering to put intermediate tires), but also for the podium.

Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz, on the Russian podium

Lewis Hamilton achieves his 100th victory with Carlos Sainz on the podium of a Russian GP that ended in chaos

Fernando Alonso and Sergio perez they played third place in an action that the official realization of the race did not broadcast live. Although the television did not show it, it could be seen from inside the Alpine of Asturian how he went through and reviewing with the Red bull of the Mexican, although neither of them finished in that third place.

The battle between the two can be divided into two key moments. The first, with the track still relatively dry, made it clear that neither one nor the other were going to give in. Both Pérez and Alonso, especially the latter who hasn’t stepped on an F1 podium since 2014, they savored the glory at times they threw the car, but in the end it was Red Bull who ended up giving up.

Sainz exit from the Russian GP

The spectacular departure of Carlos Sainz that allowed him to become leader of the Russian GP seen from his onboard camera

With the onset of the heavy rain, both ended up giving up. As the last four laps began, Alonso announced on the radio that the rain was falling hard again and he could already be seen sliding on the track. The danger of ‘aquaplanning‘It became very evident, especially at the exit of the curves, and it is Alonso himself who asks to enter the pits insistently.

At that moment is when it appears on the scene Carlos Sainz, who is the one who ultimately took the third place award.

Fernando Alonso arrived 6th at the finish line, with Sergio Pérez 9th since after coming out of the pits he had a couple of scares that prevented him from finishing higher.

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