The Asvel takes over Wembanyama, the great French promise

The future of Victor
Wembanyama, one of the great French promises, is a little clearer today. The gala pearl will play next season in the Asvel of your country, after leaving the Nanterre where it has been forming until now.

Wembanyana, who has been named the best young man of the season in the Jeep Elite, is one of the most intriguing players of his generation. With a prodigious physique and a colossal size, the player is able to play from the outside in like a eaves.

Last summer we got to see Wembanyama train with Rudy gobert, center of the Utah Jazz and one of the great names of the French national team. Your old club will receive 80,000 euros of payment for the transfer.

The player, who measures 2.19m and it has been demonstrating its evolution year after year, it has between eyebrows to dispute the Euroleague this year. He says he would like to follow in the footsteps of Luka
Doncic, succeed in Europe and then make the leap to NBA.

For now, it will have Tony
Parker as a mentor in the Asvel, the owner of the club and one of the most successful Frenchmen in the history of basketball and a great knowledge of the sport that will surely help him to mature and grow as a player.

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