Tatis and the Padres take a vibrant fourth game against the Dodgers

Vibrant game between Padres and Dodgers.

Lyou Los Angeles Dodgers tied for last roll after quiet afternoon in the fourth of the series against the San Diego Padres and it is that they had a 7-1 advantage but they wasted it and they ended up losing the fourth and final in the series in eleven innings.

The Dodgers took the lead in the first three innings with a pair of runs, while the Friars responded in the fourth thanks to a new home run by Fernando Tatis Jr., who showed that he is motivated to face the neighbors of California.

For him fifth inning it seemed that the current champions of the majors would come out with a victory without much turbulence and that is that they put together a five-race rally which gave them a good advantage.

But the Padres did not lower their hands and it is that taking this series can mark the future of both novenas and in innings seven, eight and nine they scored two runs to tie the score and send the game to extra innings

Already in the eleventh roll, Eric Hosmer hit the ball deep into center field on a sacrifice fly that took Fernando Tatis to the register to break the tie.

The San Diego Padres closed the game with seven runs without reaction and they managed to prevail in three of the four duels that were played in the home of the champion of the Big Top.

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