T-shirt advertising, Playoffs and salary increases: what are the new MLB rules for the 2022 season?

How many and what are the new rules of Major Leagues for the...

Ffinally an agreement was reached to end the bosses’ strike and be able to start the 2022 season of the Major Leagues after a hundred days of long negotiations, which sought to generate changes in MLB baseball.

-It has been approved the implementation of the universal designated hitter, so it will make its presentation in the National League, where it had only been seen during the pandemic-shortened season in 2020.

-The uniforms of teams in the Major Leagues may use advertising, helping to have more income to the franchises with patches on jerseys and decals on batting helmets.

-The games that have to be played in a doubleheader must be played over nine innings and not seven as was being used.

-The runner on second base rule for extra innings is annulled.

-A window 45 days for MLB to implement rule changes, among them a shot clock, at-bat ban and bigger bases in the 2023 season.

-The Playoffs will now be played by 12 teams and not by 10, changing the format of the postseason.

-Limit the number of times a player can qualify for the minor leagues in a season.

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