Sweden, Russia and Bosnia complete the quarterfinal table

The selections of Sweden, Bosnia Herzegovina and Russia, as Spain did when beating Montenegro, they achieved this Monday access to the quarterfinals of the Eurobasket of 2021 by overcoming the previous round to which they were forced after failing to be first in their respective groups.

The defensive display of Sweden In the first half he put his victory on track against Italy, since he barely let him add 20 points in the first two quarters and came to the break with a ten point advantage thanks to the success of Frida

Italy reacted after the break and narrowed the score but in the last quarter Sweden He adjusted his defense again, fell the percentages of his rival and again with the points Frida
Eldebrink closed the shock.

Bosnia It was confirmed as the great surprise of the championship by eliminating Croatia in an even match that was decided in the final stage and in which it was led by Jonquel

Two of their three-pointers almost in a row, allowed Bosnia to open a small gap on a very tight scoreboard and their solidity on both sides combined with new long shots from Nikolina Babic and Andjela
Delic ended the resistance of a Croatia in which the percentages of Ivana Dojkic and from Iva Slonjsak they confirmed his lower aim.

Much more placid was the classification of Russia for this third-to-last round as he set his victory on track with an initial set of 28-13, based on the strength under the rings of Raisa Musina and Maria Vadeeva, which left Slovenia with no option.

After reaching the break with twenty points behind, Slovenia broke free and with Eva’s points Lisec and Shante Evans tried to get into the match but lacked defensive effectiveness to make doubt Russia.

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