Six points less for the mobile at the wheel and goodbye at 20km/h to overtake

Madrid, March 21 (EFE) .- Talking on the mobile at the wheel holding it with your hand will mean the loss of six points on the license as of this Monday with the entry into force of the new traffic law that, in addition, prohibits overtaking The speed limit for overtaking on conventional roads is 20 kilometers per hour.

The rule, approved on December 2, reviews the infractions that lead to loss of points and affects the behaviors behind the wheel that are considered most dangerous, legislates for the first time on the new means of personal mobility, such as scooters, and advances in the protection of cyclists.

These are the keys that the new law includes:

– The points to be deducted for driving while holding the mobile with your hand are increased from 3 to 6. The fine of 200 euros and a 3-point sanction is maintained if the offender uses the mobile but does not have it in his hand.

– Throwing objects that could cause fires or accidents onto the road or in its vicinity entails the loss of 6 points (previously 4).

– The points lost for overtaking endangering or hindering cyclists or without leaving the minimum separation of 1.5 meters are raised from 4 to 6.

– The points that are deducted for using, or not doing so properly, the seat belt, child restraint systems, helmet and other protection elements are raised from 3 to 4.

– It is punishable by 3 points to have radar detection mechanisms or kinemometers in the vehicle and not only its use as it was before.

– Loss of 3 points for keeping mobile phone devices tight between the helmet and the user’s head while driving.

– The time that must elapse without committing infractions to recover the initial balance of 12 points is unified within a period of two years, provided that the entire balance has not been lost.

– The current possibility that passenger cars and motorcycles can exceed the generic speed limits on conventional roads by 20 km/h when overtaking other vehicles is eliminated.

– Mandatory use of the helmet for users of personal mobility vehicles, such as scooters.

– Personal mobility vehicles and bicycles and cycles may not circulate on sidewalks and other pedestrian areas.

– A fine of 200 euros is imposed for not respecting the traffic restrictions derived from the application of the protocols in the event of pollution episodes and low emission zones.

– From July 6, 2022, it will be mandatory to incorporate anti-start breathalyzers in passenger transport vehicles (for example, school buses). Failure to comply is a very serious offense (500 euros).

– It is also considered a very serious offense “failing to comply with the rules regarding assistance on public roads”, which carries a fine of 500 euros.

– It is added as a minor offense (up to 100 euros) for “failing to comply with the obligation of drivers to be in a position to control their vehicle at all times”.

– 2 points can be recovered from the license for taking safe driving courses certified by the DGT. However, the recovery of these points will not be effective until the regulation of the conditions that such courses must meet comes into force.

– Using unauthorized intercom devices in driving tests will be considered a very serious infraction, sanctioned with 500 euros and six months without being able to appear again.

– Passenger and freight transport companies will be able to access the drivers’ registry online to find out if their workers’ driving license is valid or not. It will only be reported in red (not in force) or green (in force).

– Awareness and sensitization courses may be established to obtain a driving permit or license, which may also be taught “online” as long as interaction is ensured through a virtual classroom.

– Zero rate of alcohol for underage drivers of any vehicle.

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