Silvia Domínguez: “In the Games, for a moment, inequalities stop”

The Spanish player of the Perfumery Avenida Silvia Dominguez has stated that during the Olympic Games “The inequalities stop and people are aware of the women’s basketball, water polo team …”.

The event ‘Camino al Olimpo’ brought together the past, present and future of the Spanish basketball team to talk about the next European Championship and the summer event of Tokyo 2020.

Emiliano Rodriguez, Amaya valdemoro, the president of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), Jorge Garbajosa; the president of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), Alexander White, and the current players of the national team Laura Quevedo (Movistar Students), Laura Gil (Valencia Básket) and Silvia Dominguez were part of the colloquium led by Jose Luis Llorente, silver at the 1984 Los Angeles games.

The Spanish and Olympic international Amaya valdemoro He confessed to admiring the players and assured that “they have spoiled us with the medals” and that “all the effort made by this generation must be praised.” “What this team does is compete and pass on that illusion, which is what ultimately makes girls want to be like Silvia, What Laura (Quevedo) or as Laura (Gil) “, he added Valdemoro.

Gil He said he did not feel pressure for the medal obtained in the previous Olympic event and that they will go “game by game”. Quevedo, for his part, revealed that the moment in which they got on the podium in 2016 “is not going to be erased” from his memory.

White He was blunt about Spanish basketball and said it is “brilliant.” “The victory against France -in the European 2019- it is the greatest joy that I have had in my sporting life, “said the president of the COE.

Jorge Garbajosa, president of the Spanish Basketball Federation, stated that the level of women’s basketball this season was “very high” and that therefore the team has a great “responsibility” when representing it.

Emiliano Rodriguez, an Olympian in Rome 1960 and Mexico 1968, participated in the event and, in addition to giving a gift to the players, said that the Olympic Games are “an experience that remains in the heart forever.”

Spain currently has two basketball teams -female and male- with a passport to Tokyo 2020 and is waiting to see if the 3×3 women’s team achieves the classification, something that the president of the FEB classified as “historic” if achieved . Before traveling to the Japanese capital for the games, the women’s team will have to play the European Basketball Championship in France, jointly organized by Spain and France.

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