Rick Carlisle resigns as Mavericks coach

Rick Carlisle has announced that he will no longer coach the Dallas Mavericks, the franchise he has led as head coach for the past 13 years. The coach announced the decision through a statement published on ESPN, in which he did not openly explain his reasons for leaving the Texan team:

“After a series of conversations with Mark Cuban the last week, today I have informed him that I will not coach the Dallas Mavericks again. It is solely my decision. My family and I have spent 13 incredible years working for a great city and great people ”.

The decision comes after schism opened by the goodbye of Donnie Nelson, president of basketball operations for the Los last 24 years. Nelson’s departure, announced Wednesday, appears to have triggered events.

Internal friction in the Mavs has risen in tone in recent months, and the center of the conflict lies in the growing influence of the director of statistics and quantitative development of the franchise, Haralobos Voulgaris.

Luka doncic he spoke from the Slovenian rally when Carlisle had not yet announced his decision. The star of the current Mavericks project said he was sad about the departure of Nelson, but he did not comment on his former coach as his decision is not yet known (at least publicly).

According to sources close to the case to journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, the tension between Doncic and Carlisle had been growing in the final stretch of the course, something that worried the executives of the franchise. Slovenian, according to these same information, he would have yelled at the coach in front of his teammates and assistant coaches, in addition to gesturing in the middle of the games when he did not agree with a decision of the coach.

Carlisle won 555 games as a Dallas manager – a franchise record. Y accumulates 836 victories in his career on the NBA benches, making him the third-highest-earning active coach in the league. In his 13 years with the Mavs, the coach achieved the only ring in franchise history in 2011, in a team led by Dirk Nowitzki.

The 61-year-old Ogdensburg coach explained in his brief statement that he is “Excited for the next chapter in his coaching career”, a chapter that is still unknown.

Cuban, owner of the Mavs, reacted to the publication of the news also in statements made to ESPN: “I want Rick Carlisle. He wasn’t just a good coach, he was also a friend and confidant. Our relationship was much more than basketball, and that will never change. “

Dallas is looking to renew the staff and, apparently in recent days, the work system of the entire franchise. The objective is obvious: give Doncic the best possible environment to win the title.

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