Reports indicate that the NFL will not come to Mexico in 2021

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Mexico will not have a regular season game of the NFL in 2021 due to the pandemic of COVID-19; instead, London It will host a couple of meetings according to media reports in the United States.

The first to publicize the news was the site specialized in sports The Athletic, who revealed that Jacksonville Jaguars and Atlanta Falcons they will host the games in England this year.

The decision that Mexico is not contemplated this year to host a game is due to the security that they have in terms of health protocols and levels of pandemic cases in the country.

The Athletic, as well as other media that took up the news, recalled that Commissioner Roger Goodell said in March that stadiums are expected to be at full capacity for NFL games and that they have the required safety regulations.

“We will stay in close contact with our partners in the United Kingdom and in Mexico and we will ensure that we are doing it safely. If at any time we believe that we cannot execute it safely, we will make that determination,” he said at the time Goodell to the media.

Jaguars and Falcons rivals for their London games are yet to be defined; the former even has a close relationship with Premier League football, as the owner of the team is also the owner of English Fulham.

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