Real Madrid’s first blank season with Pablo Laso?

The Real Madrid sold his skin very expensive but was finally eliminated from the Euroleague this Tuesday when he fell in the fifth and final game of his playoff against him Anadolu efes Turkish (88-83). The absence of the white team from the Final Four leaves success in the Endesa League as the only great objective of the season.

And it is that if Real Madrid does not win the domestic competition, it will live the first season without winning one of the three great titles (Endesa League, Copa del Rey and Euroleague) from the arrival on the bench of Pablo Laso on 2011.

With the Basque coach at the helm, Real Madrid has the following trajectory:

2020 King’s Cup

2019 Endesa League

2018 Liga Endesay Euroleague

2017 King’s Cup

2016 Endesa League and Copa del Rey

2015 Endesa League, King’s Cup and Euroleague

2014 King’s Cup

2013 Endesa League

2012 King’s Cup

In that distant 2010-2011 season, Real Madrid was a semifinalist in the Endesa League, a finalist in the Copa del Rey and fourth in the Euroleague. The team started out being led by Ettore Messina but the Catania coach resigned in March 2011 and was replaced until the end of the season by his assistant, Lele molin.

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