Raventós: “Playing with the public is a plus even if it is unfavorable”

The coach of the Urbas Fuenlabrada, Josep Maria Raventós, assured that playing with the public “is a plus” even if they are opposing fans, such as those who will face him in this Saturday’s match against Valencia Basket (8:00 pm), the last of the season for the Madrid team.

“I think that for the players it will be a plus even if it is an unfavorable public. It will suit them well because it has been a year without our people. It is what I have longed for most throughout the season,” said the Catalan coach in statements offered by the club.

The Fuenlabrada, which ensured their permanence in the Endesa League Two days ago, he will live in the Fuente de San Luis his last game of the season, the third in eight days for Madrid.

“I think the team is fine, yesterday we did a recovery session, today we are going to do a training session that I hope will be good and tomorrow to play,” said the coach.

They will finish the campaign against one of the most intoned teams in the championship, which has only missed one of its last seven league matches, in Gran Canaria against the Herbalife (92-86).

“If he is not the one who is fitter, he is one of the most fit. But we are going to face the game as one more, trying to enjoy it since we face very good players, a very good line-up of technicians. For us the game is an illusion, the truth, “he said. Raventós.

Against a team with “multipurpose style” according to the technician, since it can “run a lot” or play static and with “excellent shooters”, Raventós he hopes his players stay motivated. “I believe that in basketball the better the rival is, the more illusion it should make you play against them,” he said.

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