Rain of protests from the drivers on the grid after the surreal Belgian F1 GP: “Money rules”

Belgian GP grid in the rain

Belgian GP grid in the rain
Belgian GP grid in the rain

The Formula 1 lived one of its most grotesque moments in recent years last Sunday with the celebration of the Belgian GP, where the rain prevented a normal race from taking place and ended up leaving a completely surreal situation. After several hours of waiting it was decided to carry out an exit from the pit lane and after only three laps behind the safety car the race was over and, in an even more surreal way, like disputed.

Verstappen, after the safety car at the Belgian GP

The Formula 1 that I like: that of the grotesque and the embarrassment

Once this ‘great circus’ is over, The reactions came quickly and even F1 wanted to apologize, especially to the thousands of fans who waited hours under the Belgian deluge hoping to see the race. Nevertheless, the pilots were not very satisfied either with the decision and they showed it after confirming that points (half) would be distributed for this GP.

One of the most forceful was the world champion, Lewis hamilton, who stoked the bosses and recalled that “money talks”, before qualifying as “farce“What happened in Spa.” It was literally that: two laps to start the race, a whole money-related scenario. So everyone has their money. It’s a shame that we can’t play the race tomorrow. I’m very sad, I love this circuit but today was not a race, “he declared.

Similarly, the Briton wanted to raise his voice on behalf of the fans. “I’m very disappointed. A career has been stolen from the fans. I hope they return the money, because unfortunately they did not get to see something that they paid for, “added Hamilton.

The Belgian GP did not end up being nothing good for the spanish, which due to their poor classification on Saturday, ended up being also harmed by the decision. Carlos Sainz finished tenth and received half a point, one position above Fernando Alonso.

The Asturian, with almost twenty years of F1 behind him, has described what happened as “absurd” and regretted that a decision was made that was only a marketing move. “These last three laps, I guess they are more of a marketing operation to go around three times, say that you could not (run), give the points and everyone is happy. Because without these three rounds the points could not be given, I think, “he said.

Also in sports, Alonso expressed his disbelief that points were distributed for three laps circulated after the ‘safety car’. “We are playing a lot in the constructors’ championship. We are playing bonuses, we are playing a lot of things. Many have had Christmas early because, today, without being able to run, they give you the points. ANDit’s a shock“, he pointed.

It also left a bitter taste in the mouth for Sainz, who also did not understand that points were awarded from this GP. “Distributing points for a race that hasn’t been there seems bad to me. It must not have resulted in a career that did not exist. Time has not let us run and sometimes it passes. It is a half point that I do not deserve, I am not excited, “he said.

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    David Sánchez de Castro

In fact, not even the “winners” of the race were satisfied. Max Verstappen, who took 12.5 points by finishing first, explained that “this is not how you want to win”, while Vettel he saw the situation as “a joke”. “What have we done today to win the points? I don’t know,” mused the German.

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