Punter rejects Milano’s offer but has plenty of suitors

The soap opera Kevin
Punter he can give a lot of himself this summer. The American base has rejected the offer to renew the Armani
Milan, although they are not going to lack suitors in Europe.

Punter has been one of the best players in the team coached by Ettore
Messina this season. He has led his team to the Final Four of the Euroleague and runner-up in Lega A.

Has averaged 13.4 points in Euroleague and 11 points in the domestic competition, showing himself as a capable scorer and a player with the possibility of having an immediate impact on the game of his team.

His current team does not want to get into a salary fight so he could give up offering him a salary like the one he asks for. Other clubs like Lokomotiv Kuban or Virtus Bologna they are on the lookout to take over the American crack.

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