Public yes but no: indignation in Murcia

“The news is that the public is coming back.” The minister’s phrase Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes can remain as a toast to the sun without concreteness in what basket
ACB it means. At least that is deduced from the first opportunity in which the return of spectators to an encounter in one of the communities with a low incidence of Covid was possible, Murcia.

The match between UCAM and the MoraBanc
Andorra, which will be played this Saturday 15 at the Murcia pavilion, will not have fans as confirmed by the local club in a statement. “The UCAM Murcia CB wants to express its discomfort with the competent bodies that have so far not authorized the Association of Basketball Clubs (ACB) to allow the public to enter ”, the note begins. After announcing the agreement to allow entry into football league matches in communities with phase 1 incidence, the Murcian club understands that “there is a comparative grievance with our sport and our competition” as well as “a lack of respect for our fans that, less than 48 hours before the match is played, they have no news about their possible entry to the sports venue ”.

The duel between both teams is direct in the fight to enter the playoff or access European competition next season. The technician of the UCAM, Sito Alonso, has said in the previous press conference that his team was “going to die” for this objective and wished that the fans could support them but with a point of good sense to analyze the return of fans from the global perspective of the competition.

“If I have to think for myself, selfishly, I would like them to come tomorrow because we have missed the fans so much,” said Sito. “But thinking in a global way, I find it curious and difficult that some have it and others don’t, it seems strange to me. Although I believe that the ACB and the Council will surely choose the best solution for everyone. It is not something that depends on me but we want them to come and meet us because they don’t even know some players ”, he added.

The return of fans to the courts ACB could occur in the phase of playoff but it will be necessary to see if that materializes since limiting it only to areas with low incidence could cause notable damage with teams that did not have fans in a decisive phase and with shortened series.

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