Pope Francis connects live with the Levante UD stadium

The Mayor of Valencia Ximo Puig accompanied by Quico Catalan and by the Archbishop of Valencia, Mr. Antonio Cañizares, all of them on a stage located on the lawn of the Ciutat de València stadium and accompanied by a large group of young people from the stands, they have participated in the annual event of the Scholas Occurrentes project in Valencia -which has been active for five years- in which they have maintained a communication by videoconference with Pope Francis from the Vatican.

Both Cañizares and Quico Catalán -who visibly moved has requested a blessing for the renovated granota enclosure- and Ximo Puig have highlighted the task of Pope Francis during the videoconference with the pontiff, who in his speech, within the solidarity project ‘Pelota de rapo’ , has urged all attendees to “return to the origin”: “We rediscover identity. A person who forgets where he comes from amputates his history. In life, in sport, if we forget the gratuity, we lose the game.”

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The representative of the ‘Escholas occurrentes’ project has presented a Levante UD shirt to the pontiff and has received a plaque commemorating the event that will be displayed in the stadium.

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