Ponsarnau: “It will not be easy to get fourth place”

The coach of the Valencia Basket, Jaume Ponsarnau, assured that despite having come to depend on themselves to secure fourth place in the ACB League, it will be difficult to do so in the first place due to the great moment they live and what is at stake in the Herbalife Gran Canaria, who are visiting this Wednesday,

“We are in the competition to get the fourth place, but it will not be easy because we are facing a team that plays a lot, against a team that is well and on a track that is always difficult, “he said in statements provided by the club.

Herbalife Gran Canaria is a team that has grown throughout the seasonWhen they came here they were already in a clearly ascending moment ”, recalled the technician.

Ponsarnau recalled the good trajectory his rival has had in the Eurocup and that little by little he has adapted to what his coach, Porfi Fisac, wanted, especially in having good feelings “and things very clear between them.”

It is a team that does very good basketball”, Stated Ponsarnau, who was also aware that Valencia had not won on that track for four years

“We are in a bad streak there but it’s a difficult track for everyone. We have to play a very serious game with a lot of commitment to have a chance to win ”, he concluded.

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