Ponsarnau: “Casademont Zaragoza has a realistic project”

The new coach of the Casademont
Saragossa, Jaume Ponsarnau, has indicated in his presentation as a new coach of the Aragonese team that the club has a “realistic” project.

“One of the things I liked the most about the project was that the club was realistic. There are bigger budgets in the competition but in the Casademont there is a mentality of ambition to take advantage of the resources we have and win as many games as possible. It is a medium and long-term project and it is about that when you lose it serves to grow “, he highlighted at a press conference.

The Tàrrega coach has also explained that he would like the values ​​he wants to convey to be visible.

“I want to set an example by transmitting the values ​​in which I believe and which are my philosophy. I hope I can help a club to which I arrive with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm to take a step forward in the competitive aspect. I am starting a new project from the humility but with the maximum ambition in a club that is much more than the first team because it has a great fans and a first-rate quarry “, he valued.

Ponsarnau he wants to try to make his players good “at what they are good at” and, from there, help and convince them to be able to be competitive in more things.

“You already know my sports career with teams in which the sports career was tied to our work behind and others with a dynamic basketball and this has to do with the quality of the players,” he explained.

Regarding the making of the squad, he has analyzed that they are open “to a lot of changes” and that we still have to see who is going to follow and who is not to draw the team.

“It is about adding not only qualities of the game but also personal and human qualities. All teams go through bad moments during the season and if there is that human quality it is easier to overcome them because if things are done with cohesion and chemistry, they get along better. Let’s go. to take into account appropriate personal values ​​so that the fans feel proud of us “, he pointed out.

The new coach of the “rojillo” team has emphasized that in his career it has been important to win the Eurocup and play the Euroleague but also save the Manresa many seasons and his beginnings as a coach.

The Casademont
Saragossa will build the team based on market possibilities, according to Ponsarnau, who considers that the base and pivot positions are “important” when attacking and defending.

The coach of the Aragonese team hopes to be able to convey to the whole team the “enormous illusion” with which he arrives at the club and wishes that the “red tide”, the fans of the Casademont
Saragossa, I can give them “a push” with your support during the season “that could be key.”

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