Playing a Derby is always special

Although it may seem that everything has already been said, nothing could be further from the truth. With the season giving its last blows in Primera Iberdrola and the priority objectives of both teams already sealed in a mathematical way (Levante will play at least the previous Champions League and Valencia will continue in the highest category), this Sunday it reaches a derby that will gives life to the final stretch of the campaign. This match is especially alive because Levante UD still has a real chance of being second (with one match to go they are just one point behind Real Madrid) and that would imply entering the Champions League without having to face a complicated preliminary round beforehand, because Valencia CF intends to lead the group in the middle zone defending its eighth position and, above all, because a Derby is always special.

This Friday an act of presentation of the match took place that will be played this Sunday in Buñol at 1:30 p.m. and that brought together four local players, two from each team. On the granota side, Nuria Martínez and Fiamma Benítez attended, while on the Valencian side the representatives were Paula Guerrero and Asun Martínez.

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Nuria Martinez, A natural defender of La Vall d’Uixó who made the leap to the Granota first squad last summer from the subsidiary, it is clear that Levante must rush its options in the two remaining days: «Playing a derby is always special and above all for us who are from the earth. It is always special to play against Valencia, in the end it is a derby and we feel the colors a lot (…) The truth is that the team has had a very good season, we have achieved the goal, we have gotten into two finals and in general the All season’s work has been excellent, but there are two weeks left to go to full throttle for the three points ».

Paula Guerrero, recently renewed by Valencia CF until June 2023, it has plenty of experience in derbies in different categories. In fact, he has played them on both sides since a large part of his training was in Levante, and perhaps that is why he speaks with knowledge of the facts: «First of all, the motivation that playing the Derby already gives is an extra for all the players and we also want to play against them because we are playing to stay in eighth position. We are going to fight with fury (…) We have evolved, we all know each other and we are going to come out more united than in the first leg ».

Fiamma Benitez, A native of Dénia, he also knows this type of confrontation from his training stage at Levante UD. International in the lower categories of the Spanish National Team, he has just made the leap to the Barça first team and faces tomorrow’s appointment with ambition: «The derbies are very beautiful. I know how they are in the lower categories. It is something that you live a lot and to be able to have the opportunity to live it now at the highest level I think it is a very beautiful experience and a dream with which you start walking and kicking the ball. The team has worked a lot and it has shown during the season; we are an ambitious team. Winning the Derby is something we have been dreaming of all week and we are working for it and to try to attack that second place ».

The extra excitement that these types of matches suppose is a common denominator to all the answers and Asun Martinez, Valencia CF striker from Elx, also highlights: «We face the game with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. We face every game like this, but a derby has that extra. We continue to have goals such as being in eighth position.

The Valencian women’s football festival arrives in Buñol.

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