Plane, traveling to the game between Astros and Red Sox, crashes in Texas: All 21 passengers survive!

21 people survive a fatal plane crash in Texas.

Previo al fourth game between Astros and Red Sox of the American League Championship Series, a plane heading to the game suffered a fatal accident in Texas. Despite the fire that consumed the aircraft and the impact, reports officially state that all 21 passengers survived.

The plane suffered when trying to get out of the Houston Executive Airport in Brookshire in the morning. Despite the terrifying scenes that immediately shocked the audience, authorities determined that almost all of the people were unharmed.

Only a couple of passengers received medical attention. While only one was sent to the hospital to be assessed. The flight was just trying to start its trajectory, when faced difficulties taking off and crashed into a fence, to later be consumed by flames.

The authorities also reported that they all managed to get out on their own, shortly before the plane was burned. The emergency bodies arrived at the scene to help and put out the fire.

Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board has started with the corresponding investigations.

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