Piqué’s controversial Davis Cup poster: “In Madrid we are from the right and from the wrong side”

Promotional poster for the Davis Cup on Gran Vía with the slogan "In Madrid we are from the right and from the wrong side".

The Gran Vía in Madrid woke up this Friday with a giant canvas on one of the works of its buildings that has aroused some controversy by the slogan used.

The canvas in question is an advertising poster for the final phase of the Davis Cup, which will have its great headquarters in Madrid and that it will host several heats and the decisive crossovers from November 25 to December 5.

Following the model of the creator of the new tournament format, the footballer and CEO of Kosmos Tennis Gerard Piqué, who tends to resort to irony on many occasions on their social networks. the organization wanted to surprise with this provocative slogan: “In Madrid we are on the right and backwards. The Davis Cup is back.”

The poster, where the phrase “from the right” stands out above all, makes a nod to two of the most outstanding blows in tennis … and also to the result of the last elections to the Community of Madrid, in which it was imposed the Popular Party candidate Isabel Díaz Ayuso. At the moment the Davis Cup has already achieved great notoriety and promotion for the tournament with this provocative canvas.

Emulates the famous Laporta canvas

The Davis Cup is not the first sports canvas that has caused such a furor in Madrid in recent months. TAfter presenting his candidacy for the presidency of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta gave a blow to his electoral campaign by placing a giant canvas on a building very close to the Santiago Bernabéu with his face and the slogan ‘You want to see you again’, in a clear nod to Real Madrid.

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