“Peng Shuai will know nothing of what is said about her”

"Peng Shuai will know nothing of what is said about her"

In case of Peng Shuai, the Chinese tennis player who reported a sexual assault by a former Chinese vice minister to later back down, it does not fade. Yaxue Cao, a human rights defender in China based in the United States since 1991, warned in L’Équipe on the government’s methods of silencing similar cases.

“The usual practice of the government is to isolate them completely from the outside world, especially from any type of information that comes from outside. You probably don’t know what is being said about her. Once isolated, it is easier for the government to control and manipulate it, “warned the activist.

Peng Shuai, former number one in the stunt world, reappeared a few days ago to say that “I have never accused anyone of sexual abuse” and that his post on the social network Weibo on November 2 was a “private matter” about which people have “misunderstandings”, according to a video posted by Singaporean outlet Lianhe Zaobao. However, many voices in tennis continue to believe that she was forced to back down.

Human rights defender Yaxue Cao also disfigured the role of the International Olympic Committee, which will hold a Winter Games in China in February. “The IOC announced that it has spoken to Peng Shuai again, but there is no transcript or video. They speak of ‘silent diplomacy’ when it means hiding everything under the rug. The IOC acts as a spokesperson for China, “he said.

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