Pavlyuchenkova’s confession: “I’m scared”

Russian tennis player Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova returns a ball during her match against Belinda Bencic at the 2020 WTA Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championship.

The invasion that Russia has begun on the territory of Ukraine has aroused the solidarity of the entire world of sport with Ukraine. Some gestures of support and affection… that have also come from Russia, where several athletes have been openly opposed to the invasion carried out by the troops of their country.

One of the most emotional messages is that of the tennis player Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, a finalist at Roland Garros last year, who published this message against the Russian invasion in Ukraine, and even stated that she was afraid of what is happening. “I have played tennis since I was a child. I have represented Russia all my life. It is my home and my country. But now, I am completely scared, as are my friends and my family. But I am not afraid to define my position. I am against war and violence.”

Pavlyuchenkova also made an appeal stating that she finds no justification for these violent acts and how it can affect future generations. “Personal ambitions or political motives cannot justify violence. We not only risk our future, but also that of our children. I’m confused and I don’t know how to help in this situation.”

The Russian tennis player ends her message by adding that she can only express her outrage at this episode and makes a plea to end the conflict. “I am an athlete who plays tennis. I am not a politician or a public figure. I have no experience in this. I can only make public my discomfort with these decisions that have been made and speak openly about it. Stop the violence, stop the war.”

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