Paula Badosa: “2021 has been the best year of my career but I also had hard times”

Spanish tennis player Paula Badosa celebrates a point during her match against Maria Sakkari at the AKRON WTA Finals 2021 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The Spanish Paula Badosa has been one of the great revelations of the 2021 season in women’s tennis, in which he has consolidated the potential that he treasured in his junior stage and where he has managed to leave behind the problems that slowed this progression for several years.

Badosa, winner of the WTA 1,000 of Indian Wells and who also has received the AS Sports Award, awarded a interview to the specialized tennis portal Punto de Break in which she was very excited to have become a benchmark for the youngest. “It is a pride that people follow me, until recently I was the one on the other side. Seeing how there are people who notice me or want to be like me is very exciting. I don’t want to be a person who hits either forehand or backhand, I want to be something else and leave a mark on tennis for different things and by explaining what I feel about what I’ve been through, I think I can help people who are starting out. “

The Spanish tennis player also recognizes that she must be careful after having sneaked into the tennis era, as she ensures that now it is very easy to get lost after having reached the top. “Life has radically changed me. Everything is more intense, you have more commitments and people know you more, and the treatment is also different.. When you get to the top it is very easy to get lost if you are not clear about what you want and you do not have a good environment to help you. I already lived it when I was young and I got lost. Today I have it clearer, but it is difficult to manage it “.

Badosa also took stock of the 2021 season in which he assures that there have been many successes but also several difficult moments. “2021 has been a very intense year. I remember the clay court tour, where the good results began. Also Indian WellsI will remember that tournament my whole life, I dreamed of winning big tournaments and that is one of them. Although there were also negative things, like starting the year with COVID and being locked up for 21 days, that was very hard. The defeat at Roland Garros It has also hurt me a lot and being left without a coach in the middle of the season. It has been the best year of my career but I have also had a hard time. “

However, Badosa assures that the experiences he lived in the past have helped him overcome those difficult moments. “I have come out of these hard times strong because in the past I had a very bad time, and that has made me strong. It has been a tough year, with difficult games, but if I compare it with my bad years … almost nothing is hard for me anymore. “

Badosa herself does not hesitate when it comes to putting a note on the season. “In terms of tennis, I would put two points more than three years ago, an 8. Physically I have risen a lot because there was a margin of jora, I would put a 7.5-8. But where I have improved the most is mentally, I have won very tough games, I have come out of difficult situations, and I have taken a step forward to trust myself. I would put an 8.5, I don’t get to the outstanding one “.

Finally Badosa confessed against which tennis player he wants to measure himself in a match. “I would like to play Halep. I admire her a lot and she has a very complete style of play. We are not much alike playing but I do like his style, it goes beyond being defensive or aggressive. “

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