Nadal: “The gravel campaign now improves dramatically”

Rafda Nadal in the final of Rome 2021 against Djokovic.

Happy and satisfied after having won the 1000 Masters in Rome for the tenth time and, in addition, against Novak Djokovic, Rafa Nadal spoke to the media Telemetically to convey his emotions and the good vibes with which he will face the last tournament of the clay court, Roland Garros.

What are your feelings about this success?

It is very satisfying and amazing to have the trophy with me here again, for the tenth time. It is one of the most important of my career and I wanted it to be among the most won with Roland Garros, Monte Carlo and Barcelona. I have had very positive moments, of luck, of suffering, but above all, of solid tennis, and in a very important moment to win the title.

Are you especially happy with your drive?

I have been playing better in that regard in the last two weeks and in the final it has been positive. At times I have been able to change the game more times from the line and I have been improving. The winning shot was a solution that worked better than the previous two weeks. It is a very important blow for me. I think it has been a great week in that sense, with many hours on the track. I feel good, tired, but with a very satisfying victory.

What happened in the second set?

There is a bit of everything in this type of game. You suffer normally. I was better than him in the first set and at the beginning of the second, then I didn’t convert my break options and played a terrible game, I lost concentration and it was 6-1. I thought I had to go back to the feelings of the beginning of the game and I played, I think, better in the third than the first. Against the wind it is always difficult to serve and I learned to accept it, because it also helps to get breaks.

You wanted this title very much, did that make you more nervous?

I wanted it, but I didn’t put too much pressure on myself, I always want to win every tournament and the motivation and passion to interact is always there, although it is true that this is one of my favorites. I know how to handle that, I’ve been on the circuit for almost 18 years. I have experience

What a mess with the lines …

I don’t want to create a problem with that, but it is dangerous and I was angry, because I was about to cause a major injury the other day and in the final as well. I almost twisted my ankle. With that speed at which you are going, a fall can be brutal, thank goodness I dropped the racket and was able to help myself with the fall. They are made of plastic and sometimes they move and are higher than the ground.

What are you going to do to prepare for Roland Garros and what do you expect from the tournament?

It is very special for me, the most important of my career. I have to go home, get some rest from all these hours of play, a couple of days, and get to work. I must confirm the good feelings, I have improved but I have to improve more and be able to do this every day, that gives me confidence. I need to work, relax mentally and do well.

Is it better than in 2019?

Winning always gives you a bonus, but the preparation work was already done. I did what I had to do with a logical process, towards the better. The victory is a good addition. I have a very important title. We will talk about Paris. The dirt season before was neither bad nor good, and now it improves dramatically. I have won two titles, with a positive trend, and I have to work a little more, keep persevering in things that I have done much better.

How important is it to have beaten Djokovic?

It will be seen, what happens in the future is not known until it arrives. To this day I have won an important match against a great rival, in a tournament of the best. I can’t think of just four a year, tennis goes beyond the Grand Slams. I live from my day to day and week to week. Whatever it means, we’ll see, although it is better for preparation. I have won Roland Garros without winning before here, and also the title, I also lost in both situations. You have to be prepared.

Where does that way of thinking come from?

In life, what has no solution you cannot regret. What can be changed must be changed, what has happened can no longer be fixed. I can play better in what comes. My goal was to go to Rome and win. We live in the present and if you lose, you can win in the future. When you win, it brings you happiness and peace of mind, but in two weeks I will be nervous and worried. And if I win Roland Garros I will worry about Wimbledon. Rome stays in my window for the rest of my life and this is the positive. Day by day, work and enthusiasm for the following, that is the key.

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