Nadal does not rule out Wimbledon

Rafa Nadal does not retire. What’s more, he will try to play at Wimbledon, especially if he wins Roland Garro this Sundays, because he would be facing a great opportunity to win the Grand Slam for the first time, that is, to conquer the four majors in the same year.

In recent days, rumors of a possible Nadal withdrawal had been triggered, after the Spaniard said in Paris that his quarterfinal match against Novak Djokovic could be his last. who will play in the tournament. It will never be known what would have happened in case of defeat, because the 13-time champion of the tournament beat the Serb and the discourse, both on his part and on his team, changed. “We are going to work to find a solution to the problem that I have down there (in my left foot) I am confident that I will be able to return (to Paris). The illusion is to continue”Nadal said in statements to TVE. His coach, Carlos Moyá, confirmed this idea: “We hope to return here for many years.”

This Sunday, before the final of the French major, the alarms went off again when a French media reported on an alleged extra press conference by Rafa on Monday, also relating it to the unconfirmed presence of Roger Federer in the French capital. Nadal’s environment denied it, categorically, personally to the Spanish media accredited in the tournament.

a grand slam

Also the idea of ​​a resignation of the tennis player from Manacor to play at Wimbledon. In fact, his idea is to participate if he can. It doesn’t guarantee it, but it doesn’t rule it out either. It all depends on your physical condition. and the option of finding a solution that at least mitigates the continuous punishment caused by his chronic foot ailment. “It’s a Grand Slam,” slides his team.

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