Moyá: “Nadal couldn’t finish many training sessions”

Moyá: "Nadal couldn

Carlos Moyá spoke on the Onda Cero program El Transistor about Rafa Nadal’s decision not to compete for the remainder of the season due to his chronic injury to his left foot. The Balearic coach fully supports the choice of his pupil and friend: “It took a while since it was not good. The clay helps to minimize the discomfort, but in cement, which is what happens now, it is worse. They are already pains. It was something that was known to happen and unfortunately Rafa will not be seen for the remainder of the year, “he explained.

“When he was diagnosed (in 2005) they told him that he could not compete anymore, but based on templates and treatments he has been able to save him”added the Mallorcan. “But this year the story has changed. Many training sessions I could not finish and we had to change and loosen intensity for the foot thinking about the tournaments “Charly explained. “He has been in pain for months and there comes a time when he cannot take it anymore. In the last game he played practically lame. And a player of his caliber who cannot aspire to win tournaments …”, he continued.

The decision was made by Rafa in conjunction with his entire team: “The best thing was to stop, rest the foot and refresh the head and the ideas to do good training and get fresh to 2022”. Moyá does not guarantee that in these four months to start the next season he will be 100%: “The injury does not have a clear diagnosis.” “There were days when training ended lame and the next day I was fine. It is not known where this injury comes from. There is a diagnosis, but it is not clear what the best treatment is. “

Moyá revealed that at Roland Garros, Nadal couldn’t do more in the semifinals and “it hurt” because it was “his tournament.” And he concluded by telling what the tennis player’s perspective is for the future and how the season passed in relation to the injury: “Rafa’s main objective is to regain sensations in his feet and in his head, because stumbling throughout the year has not helped him. He started with back pain in Australia, he has played only seven events this year. He resigned from Wimbledon, the Olympics and now the US Open and the Master. So you don’t have to look at what’s happening on the circuit and focus on yourself. “

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