Movistar Estudiantes descends for the first time in its history after 64 years in the elite

The Movistar Students has put an end to his ‘horríbilis decade’ with the worst of the outcomes, with the decline due to his own demerits on someone else’s court and without being able to say anything about it, in the game in which the RETABet Bilbao has won the Joventut de Badalona in Miribilla. So much was the pitcher to the source …

In the last ten years the Madrid team has flirted too much with relegation and in the end they succeeded. In the 2011-12 and 2015-16 seasons he lost the category on the slopes, but recovered it in the offices due to the impossibility of the teams of the LEB to achieve the conditions imposed by the ACB.

Last season there were no declines due to the pandemic and the competition was not over, but at the time of suspension the Students he was last in the standings with 5 games won and 18 lost.

One can speak of bad luck, of the many casualties due to the pandemic and injuries – like almost all teams – of escapes, that in the last game the coach only had seven senior players to tackle the crucial game. Of the debts that gripped the entity and even of the storm Filomena that ended with La Nevera del Ramiro as a last straw.

And also that in ten years no important players have come out of the quarry, that it has not been known to find the right key to get out of the abyss, that there have been no changes in the organizational structure that could relaunch the team.

And all this with one of the best sponsors of the competition and a great social mass, each day more disenchanted but faithful, behind.

Students It is no longer a team of the Endesa League and it will stop participating in a competition in which it has been since 1957, since its inception. Bilbao’s victory in Miribilla, against another historical one like Joventut, has been the highlight.

The collegiate jug went to the fountain too many times and has ended up breaking, the history of its salvation in the offices could repeat itself.

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