Mondelo: “The players have removed all the accumulated tension”

The Spanish coach Luke
Mondelo He was very satisfied after the triumph of his team on the second day of the Eurobasket, in view of Sweden by 76-55, and the main reasons were that they read very well how their defense should be and in attack they had a large percentage of three “because people have removed all the accumulated tension from within.”

“We have become more like what we are and what we want to be. In defense ”, he highlighted Mondelo in the press conference after the crash in which he said that the slump they had in the second half is normal.

“We wanted to like each other a bit, we lost a lot of balls and they were able to run but winning 21 points against a good team like Sweden is to be happy. I am very happy for the players ”, he added.

In addition, the technician was very happy that Laia
Palau has become the player with the most matches in the Eurobasket by accumulating 69 in ten tournaments.

“We are living in a historic moment and I told the team when it reached 300 caps that it is something we will not see again. I have been very lucky to have her for many years and that is why she has done well for me, she has made all her coaches good. Let’s enjoy them while I’m there because I won’t see this again. Maybe in thirty or forty years there is another but I will not see it, “he said.

For his part, the Italian Frame
Crespi, the Swedish coach, pointed out that there were two very “completely different” parties on the part of his team that went out “to have fun in a bad way” in the first one and was surprised by how well he handled Spain the “great pressure I had.”

“After their defeat on the first day we were surprised by how well they came out and how aggressive they defended,” admitted Crespi, who appreciated the improvement of his team after the break.

“In the second half, we compete with them, who are a step above us and it is great news for Sunday’s game. Belarus. We wanted to defend and we defended, we went to the limit of our capacities and it was a pleasure for all ”, he affirmed.

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