Mondelo: “That people do not worry, the result is misleading”

The Spanish coach, Luke
Mondelo, he warned, after the second consecutive defeat of Spain in view of France (72-45), that the result is “misleading” and that there is no reason to doubt the performance of the national team in the next European Championship.

“Don’t worry people, this result is a lie. They (France) They have just finished the league, they are with a better competitive rhythm and we have noticed the fatigue and that point of rhythm, “he said Mondelo.

And he added: “We have missed eight baskets under the rim, 0 of 12 triples and we have only scored 50% of free throws. If we get a little more correct, we fix the result, that’s why I say it is misleading” .

The coach explained that there are still aspects to be polished for the great continental event, but he reaffirmed his confidence in the group.

“We drew a lot of conclusions from these two games. It is difficult to establish all the automatisms with the new people who have entered, we need to improve communication, the connections between the players … There are things to fix but I have a lot of faith in this team, we are going to compete for all the medals, as always, “he concluded.

Torrens, forward of the Spanish team, also expressed his confidence in the group and detailed the aspects to improve:

“Things have not turned out the way we would like, but we want to continue working on the team game, and above all, the connections. This is a process, it cannot be achieved overnight, but we have a mentality and desire to work.”

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