Mondelo: “I am very proud of the team with all the casualty problems”

Mondelo appeared at a press conference after the defeat of the Selection
Spanish against Serbia, which leaves the national team out of the fight for the medals in the EuroBasket held in Valencia.

The national coach made balance of the match, the refereeing decisions and the next steps to be followed by the team towards the end of the tournament and the preparation of the Olympic Games from Tokyo.

I am very orgulloso of the team with all the problems of injuries and casualties. You have to recover to play Saturday’s game in order to go to the World Cup, ”Mondelo commented as soon as the match ended.

The coach also wanted to talk about the plays that decided the game, as well as the aggressiveness of the Serbian team and how this influenced the final result: “We played against a great team that has played very hard”.

Mondelo also wanted to look at the referees and the few personal fouls that were whistled at Serbia in the last quarter, despite their harshness: “I find it curious and strange that a team that defends with the harshness of Serbia, for 19 minutes they will be whistled two fouls. That is there. We can see it. “

Despite the defeat, Mondelo wanted to wish the Balkan team luck for the remainder of the tournament and focus their attention on the next match: “We will have a bad night and prepare the Rusi gameto. It will be unfamiliar terrain because we will not fight for the medals. Then we will start thinking about the Olympic Games “.

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