MLBPA offers new offer to MLB, but negotiations are at a ‘stalemate’

The strike in the MLB continues.

Lace negotiations between MLB and the MLB Players Association continued on Sunday, where the players presented a new proposal from the Collective agreement including a reduction of $5 million in the last offer in the fund of pre-arbitrage bonus, but this remained in a deadlock between both parties.

According to information from ESPN, the MLBPA sent this proposal to the owners with the reductionbut does not include a change in the economic balance proposal, in addition to highlighting that this meeting cannot end the league lockout.

We expected to see some movement in our direction that would give us additional flexibility and reach an agreement quickly. The Players Association decided to come back to us with a proposal that was worse than the one on Monday night and it was not designed to advance the process. On some issues, they even backed off. In short, we are stuck. We’ll try to figure out how to respond, but nothing in this proposal makes it easy,” league spokesman Glen Caplin said.

The first amount presented in the CBT was $238 million and ends at $263 million. The league’s offer starts at $220 million and goes up to $230 million over the five years.

The union’s request in the pre-arbitration class is now from $80 million, but the two sides are still far apart.

In total there are 95 days of the lockout. Spring games through March 17 have been canceled along with the first two series. of the regular season. If an agreement is not reached, more games will be postponed in the following week.

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