MLB advances in vaccination: 20 of the 30 teams reach 85% immunized

They managed to lower health measures due to the advance of vaccination.

Dyou thirds of the 30 major league teams have been able to relax coronavirus protocols after four additional clubs qualified and increased the total to 20 franchises, reaching 85% of vaccinations for players and other personnel on the field.

The commissioner’s office and players association said on Friday that two additional teams had reached the 85% level of having received the final doses and they will be able to relax protocols within the next two weeks once they are fully vaccinated.

The relaxed protocols include eliminating face mask requirements in shelters and bullpens, and ease mobility restrictions during road trips.

MLB said that 85.2% of Level 1 people, as players, managers, coaches, coaches and support staff, they had been partially or fully vaccinated, only 0.7% more than the previous week, and 82.9% had been fully vaccinated, 1.7% more than the previous week.

There were two positive tests, one for a Major League Baseball player and one for a Triple-A player, among 9,291 tests in the past week, a positive rate of 0.02%.

So far this season, there have been 64 positive tests (36 players, 28 staff members) among the 185,551 samples tested, a positive rate of 0.03%. Positive tests are found among 25 teams.

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