Mirotic: “Coming to Barcelona cost me several friends, more than I thought”

The Hispano-Montenegrin Nikola Mirotic, who in 2019 left the NBA and returned to Spain to play in the Barça, acknowledged last morning in the microphones of the program ‘The transistor’, from Onda Cero Radio, that “coming to Barcelona cost me several friends, more than I thought”.

After his past in the Real Madrid, your arrival at Barça it was a shock, but Mirotic He was delighted with the decision he made at the time.

“I am in the happiest moment of my career, personally and in sports. Dreams are coming true and I am where I want to be. About to play a Final Four and making a happy life in Barcelona ”, he assured.

However, he recognized that choosing the Barça He passed on a bill that he did not expect: “Coming to Barcelona cost me several friends, more than I thought. I thought there were real friends, not just sports. I was surprised by some, but life does not stop surprising you. “

Precisely this season it has again coincided with Pau Gasol, who was his companion in the Chicago Bulls and a player and a very important person in his career.

“Pau Gasol means a lot. He has been my older brother, a friend. Someone who has helped me a lot in my life and with whom I have shared incredible moments such as my arrival in the NBA, in which having him there gave me life, “he explained.

Mirotic He also valued his choice in the best quintet in the Euroleague this season. “It is not as important as a team title, but it is important and without my teammates or the coaching staff it would not have been possible. Precisely one of the reasons why I came back is to win the Euroleague ”, he said.

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