Mirotic: “At the moment, only Milan exists”

“I feel good, wanting the moment to come,” says the Barça star Niko
Mirotic, a few days before the start of the Final Four in Cologne.

“Personally, it was not my best series against Zenith And I already said it, ”he admits. At the end of the day it’s not me but the team’s business and I looked for the best way to contribute to the team in other ways. The games are not won by one but the team. I arrive with great enthusiasm and desire to compete, I know that I will be prepared to do it at the highest level. We know how we have to face these games ”.

Mirotic He has shown ambition but also prudence and humility in the press conference prior to the European event, organized by the Barça club this Monday. “Winning would be a dream but that goal is far away,” he replied when asked to win the title. “We can’t think about it. When I came I said that one of my dreams was to win one Euroleague and we have a great opportunity, we are two games away, so we want to dream but be humble and prepared. I know how difficult it is to play a Final Four. It is the fourth and I have not won any. Hopefully there is a bit of luck ”.

The Hispanic-Montenegrin did not want to deviate from the positive message even when he was reminded of the recent statements of Ataman, coach of the Efes, after you’ve said that Efes deserves this title.

“I’m not surprised. Every week he draws conclusions ”, he said. Niko Mirotic about the Turkish technician. “We are on our own and if they think they deserve it, then so do we. No further. This noise does not have to affect us. It has to be a source of motivation. We are calm, there is a desire to compete. Efes and CSKA are far away for now, there is only Milan ”.

Regarding your personal career moment, Mirotic it has been admitted to be in full maturity to face the appointment. “I come with more experience, this is my fourth Final
Four and I know what it costs. I feel prepared and in a good time but in the end we are a team and there are many people here with experience and desire ”, he concluded.

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