McLaren literally passes the game on Lando Norris renewal

Lando Norris, McLaren driver

Lando Norris, McLaren driver
Lando Norris, McLaren driver
McLaren F1

One of the team’s great future bets McLaren it is Lando norris, considered the great jewel of British motorsport since Lewis hamilton (with permission from his contemporary George Russell), and that is why they have decided to sign a new contract with him that links them, at least, until 2023.

McLaren's new colors for the Monaco GP

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The talkative English driver earned the respect of the team over the years with Carlos Sainz by his side, and now he has become the leader of Woking’s squad every time Sainz’s replacement adaptation, Daniel RicciardoIt is not being as fast as they would have liked.

To guarantee your trust in him and ward off possible temptations (a transfer market in Formula 1 very moved in the coming months), they have decided to extend his contract and thus confer on him a gesture of affection. To announce it, they have chosen a very special way.

They have not only bet on a press release or a few generic tweets, but, knowing the passion that Norris has for the video game, they have turned him into a character of one in the first person. In the video they have shared, Norris pretends to be the protagonist of a graphic adventure in which he moves through the corridors of Woking until he meets Zak Brown Y Andreas Seidl, CEO and team leader respectively of McLaren. They even give you a choice: to sign or not. He, of course, signs.

Norris arrives in Monaco in fourth position in the World Championship standings, after having scored points in the four races held, including a podium at the Imola event.

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