Mateu Alemany’s first lesson at Can Barça

Mateu Alemany, Barça’s new football director (executive position to negotiate signings and transfers), has got down to work to try to improve the Barça economy. According to the ‘Onze’ program of ‘Esport 3’, Alemany has commissioned a report that compares the squads of the great teams in Europe and has reached a conclusion: Barça should have a shorter squad and make use of the subsidiary in case of need, not only that of the first men’s soccer team, but in all professional sections.

The aforementioned information ensures that the manager is clear that Barça teams are excessively swollen in terms of numbers compared to their competitors in the Champions League. In addition, comparing performance and salaries, Alemany also considers that the chips in Can Barça are above what they should be.

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Thus, lon the recommendation of the Balearic Islands is that the first team of Barça – like other sections such as futsal or handball – have fewer chips and, in case of complications due to injuries, use the players of the subsidiary. That would mean a saving in salary mass since tokens such as Junior, Pjanic or Umtiti, among others, would be avoided. All of them are substitute players whose secondary role could be perfectly performed by a young player from the quarry.

To correct this reality, Alemany believes that Barça would improve part of its economy, not only because of what said ‘cut’ would mean in the first football team, but because such savings would be joined by basketball, handball and futsal, although in these cases, logically, the amount scratched would be substantially less compared to that of the first men’s soccer team, the club’s large backpack Today. In the eyes of the Balearic leader, this would be just one of the many decisions that the club should take to improve the state of its coffers.

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