Marcelo Nicola will reveal his future next week

The coach of the Acunsa Gipuzkoa Basket, Marcelo Nicola, has refused today to speak about his future and has said that first we must finish the season and “honor the game against Andorra“.

“The assessment will be made at the end, now there is one game left and we have to honor it for what it is, then we will value everything,” the Argentine coach said in a telematic meeting with the press, who did point out that for two seasons he has been “very attentive. glad and happy in the city and to be part of this project “.

Ahead awaits a Morabanc Andorra that their playoff options are played against a Basque team that has no objective in that match, which is not an obstacle, he warned Nicola, so that a “fighting” team is seen.

“The other day against Malaga we gave an image of fighting and competing and we have to do it until the end, that is the message and image that we must give in Andorra, that of pride and dignity until the last moment,” the South American coach emphatically pointed out. that glossed the virtues of his rival.

Andorra They are a rival that has a very good team, with many good players in one-on-one and good shooters. That is what we will have to stop, also the blocks for his pitchers and ‘pick and roll’ and the 1 against 1 of his two Americans, “he analyzed.

He announced that he will have the pivot again Jaime Echenique, after his serious knee injury, and said he was “happy with how he has recovered and that he can contribute minutes this Sunday.”

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