Marc Márquez: “I want to speak little and ride a lot”

Marc Márquez celebrates his victory in Germany.

Marc Márquez celebrates his victory in Germany.
Marc Márquez celebrates his victory in Germany.

Marc Márquez He spoke before the start of the Aragon Grand Prix that is being held this weekend in Alcañiz, one of the Repsol Honda rider’s favorite circuits, who is gradually recovering sensations.

“The phrase would be I want to talk a little and go on a motorcycle a lot, I want to get on the bike on a circuit that I like, which has always adapted to my riding style because it is all left-hand curves, although expectations cannot be the same as in other years“, said.

“It has to be a bit of waiting, going to see what happens, to see how we are during the weekend and I am convinced that in the first free practice it will go well because I feel fresh, and then we will have to see how I wear out during the weekend, but I’m happy to get to Alcañiz, “added Márquez, who admits that he is in” a difficult time. ”

“I come from two races in which I have felt good but the results have not come out and what will have to be seen if they can come out here,” he said.

His talk with Mick Doohan

Moment of the fall of Marc Márquez and Jorge Martín.

Marc Márquez apologizes to Jorge Martín for the fall of both: “I sensed the overtaking badly”

Marc Márquez recalled several factors of the conversation he had with Australian Mick Doohan, five-time world champion, commenting: “Mick’s story helped me because within how demanding I am with myself, because to a certain extent it first reassured me, logically, because I didn’t understand anything and he told me about three factors.”

And he listed: “The first is the time factor, which we do not have, and that he needed to adapt and re-adapt the bike to his style.Well, if you remember, he put the rear brake on his thumb and a series of other things that he needed for his leg; then the inexplicable errors factor, which did not know how to find the solution and were, simply, that the body had a different position on the bike and you trusted yourself, and instead you were not well positioned on it, and this is something that happens to me during the weekends “.

“And then he told me that it was important to manage the expectation since you have to be realistic for the moment in which you are and you must give yourself time within what is possible, because time is what is most pressing, the word is patienceIt is important, because I would like to be one hundred percent already and yes, I am fine to ride a motorcycle and go well, but logically I still need to achieve my goal, which is to be the same as before. “

Your opinion about Quartararo

As for the current world leader, the French Fabio Quartararo He was sincere in pointing out that he is not curious about a direct confrontation: “I see him far away, when I see him close then then i will feel some curiosityBut at first glance he has gained experience, he has gained experience at the racing management level and at the overtaking management level, he is more aggressive. “

And he clarified, in any case that “he -Quartararo- already had a lot of speed and has the same, it is not that it has improved or worsened, it has the same, but it has gained in experience and You can see that in the first laps, in the positioning, in the overtaking, which is now betterObviously with more experience in the category there are situations that you know how to control better and hopefully I can. This year I don’t know, but hopefully next year I can fight with him, “insisted the eight-time Repsol Honda world champion.

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