Manchester United already has a price for sale

The owners of the Manchester United, the Glazer brothers, would be willing to sell the Premier League club for 4 billion pounds, According to the newspaper ‘Irish Mirror’, all this in the turbulent week that had them as protagonists -to bad- for being one of the 12 ‘founding’ teams of the now defunct Super League.

The Glazer family believes that the price is justified because the historic club will be able to secure important sponsorship agreements for the coming seasons even after the Super League collapsed last week, the newspaper reported.

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The short existence of the Super League, which imploded in a matter of days following opposition from groups of fans, players and politicians, has sparked speculation about how long the US owners will maintain their presence in English football.

On Saturday, hundreds of fans gathered outside Old Trafford stadium to protest the family’s decision to involve United in the European league, which ended up prompting the Red Devils’ resignation from the competition.

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