Los Angeles, land of champions… turn of the LAFC and the Galaxy in the MLS?

Dodgers, Lakers and Rams have already lifted a trophy during the pandemic.

Lto Los Angeles is the land of champions, the Rams made it clear this Sunday after being crowned with Vince Lombardi in the 56th edition of the Super Bowl.

The title of the Rams is added to the recent coronations of the Lakers in the NBA and the Dodgers in the MLB, both already in times of pandemic, which began in March 2020.

Now The City of Los Angeles has two pending, the MLS title in professional soccer and the NHL title in hockey.

On the subject of Major League Soccer, it does not seem very far away that the championship may come, since has two teams, Galaxy and LAFC, that have invested in having competitive squads to break that drought.

LAFC has never been a champion in its short history, while the last title the Galaxy won was in 2014, so the drought has already prolonged.

-Stafford pays the Rams with a ring

-McVay, the youngest head coach to win the Super Bowl

-Cooper Kupp, the MVP of Super Bowl LVI

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