LeBron praises Curry: “We played against this year’s MVP”

LeBron James already warms up before the duel of colossi that will star the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors in the game for the seventh place of the playoffs of the renewed NBA play-in tournament. Shortly after the regular season ended, the Ohio star He did not fall short in praising Stephen Curry, Los Angeles’ main stumbling block on their way to the postseason:

“First we played the one who is, in my opinion, our league’s MVP this year, Steph… You just have to see what he has done this year. I don’t know what else you can look for if you want to find the MVP. In my opinion Steph has had the best season all year.

The ’23’ thus fertilized the terrain of the epic on the way to the repetition of the championship that the Lakers start from positions very far from the noble zone of the table. The duel against the Warriors is the first stone on the road, a clash that promises to hook millions of viewers to the screen.

Curry finished the season with averages of 31.8 points per game., the best scoring average of his career. It is the 33-year-old’s second NBA leading scorer title, who joins Michael Jordan as the only players to achieve it at that age.

Despite the challenge, LeBron says he’s prepared: “I don’t care about our position. Yes we obviously wanted to play better basketball this season, but injuries have taken their toll. Now I’m looking forward to this challenge, another great postseason challenge for me. “.

According to Jared Dudley, a veteran member of the Lakers roster, the challenge will be the greatest any team has faced in history. He is not without reason: LA must win 17 games, one more than any other team in history, if you want to repeat the NBA ring.

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