LeBron leaves for rositas, but the NBA throws a dart

LeBron James will not be penalized for breaking strict NBA health protocols. The Los Angeles Lakers star was caught at an outdoor event of his brand of tequila and the league confirmed first to ‘ESPN’ and then to other media that the ’23’ had skipped the regulation.

After studying the event, the competition decided not to apply any sanctions to the star, who already played against the Warriors the play-in and then the first game against the Suns after attending the event.

According to various information and previous statements from the Lakers staff, everything points to LeBron James would be the only player of the reigning champions along with Dennis Schroder who has not been vaccinated against covid-19.

Along these lines, the NBA last night sent un very enlightening statement that, without saying it explicitly, validated the theory which points out that LeBron is not vaccinated with the devastating last paragraph:

“Under current NBA rules, vaccinated players can carry out activities abroad, including their individual business engagements, like appearances for sponsors or filming of announcements ”.

The league also shared the results of its investigation into the event and shared that according to estimates by medical experts, James’ presence at the event “did not create risks related to the spread of covid-19”. For this reason, the NBA has not proposed a preventive quarantine for LeBron.

To get rid of the noise, the league also wanted to make it clear in its statement that has treated the case of ’23’ like that of any other player: “During this season there have been several similar protocol violations, and the league has handled them with each player’s team in the same way.”

Frank Vogel explained that the Lakers have not reached the minimum of 85% of players (15 of 17) vaccinated which would allow them to move with less restrictions as a team and, for example, abandon the use of masks in the training hall.

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