La Cerámica and an invented penalty leave Arsenal alive

A victory in the first leg is always positive. Beyond receiving a goal, traveling to London with an income in favor was the main objective. But seen what is seen, Villarreal left La Cerámica with the feeling of leaving Arteta’s team alive. Until minute 65, the Submarine was superior but the red one to Ceballos changed the match. Arsenal, without an iota of offensive magic, found in a penalty invented by the referee the perfect way to get into the tie. And Unai Emery’s men could only regret seeing how the tie went from being in the perfect point to a 2-1 with a bittersweet flavor.

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It was vital to start the game with fear of Arsenal. Show a sign that he was not superior by any means and that the yellow box had plenty of potential to be able to overcome the ‘gunner’ defense. And boy did he do it! In minute five came the first blow from the Submarine. Foyth’s driving ended the ball on the right for Chukwueze and since he received the Nigerian Trigueros raised his hands, asked for it and waited. It did not come first, but after a rebound from Samu, 14 found the space to hit and put Villarreal ahead on the scoreboard. Great goal from ’14’ and a perfect context for Unai’s team.

From there it was time to mature the duel. But Arsenal, logically, did not make it easy. He found some rhythm with Bukayo Saka, the best of their own, but Odegaad and Smith Rowe had a hard time coming into play. Of course, it cost Villarreal much more to leave than in those first five minutes of yellow ecstasy. Despite that, Unai Emery’s team had a card saved with the ball set, where Arsenal showed another of their weaknesses . Parejo launched, combed Gerard Moreno and Albiol appeared to score the second goal of the match against Arteta’s team.

With the 2-0, Villarreal slowed down a bit and Arsenal went into a state of ‘shock’. Strange sensation in a final stretch of the first half in which the Submarine did not want to risk and the ‘gunner’ frame could not get his legs.
The second half for his part began with Villarreal again superior. Rulli practically didn’t have to come into play. In fact, Arsenal seemed touched and the Submarine arrived with Gerard Moreno and Chukwueze. Especially clear was the action of the ‘7’ that Leno saved and sent out the yellow attacker’s leather.

And curiously, the turning point came for the team led by Unai Emery with an action that, a priori, should be celebrated. Ceballos made a mistake in an action, fortuitous and without intention to hurt, but ended up seeing the second yellow and leaving his team with one less. And from that moment the Submarine entered a state of doubt. Both in attack and defense. Up top failed when it could be killed and in defense there was a penalty, which was not, from Trigueros. The midfielder protested it and it is that in the repetition it is clearly seen how the ’14’ did not make any intention to demolish Saka. But the referee, who already wanted to whistle one in the first half and was ‘lazy’ while the VAR warned him, did not hesitate and indicated the eleven meters. Pepé did not forgive and Arsenal were one goal away.

Curiously, minutes before Foyth had retired injured and a few moments later Capoué also did so due to a fortuitous action in which he also ended up expelled. And seen what is seen does not look good neither the side, nor the central. Neither does the result. A 2-1 that the Submarine would surely have signed at the start of the crash but that after 90 minutes did not do justice and that gave an excessive prize to Arteta’s painting.

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