Julius Randle wins the Most Progressive Player award

The star of the New York Knicks Julius Randle received last night from the hands of his son the NBA Most Improved Player (MIP) award. The seventh-year interior took his game to another level this year with averages of 24.1 points, 10.2 rebounds and 6 assists per game, best marks in annotation and basket passes of his entire professional career.

Randle has led the Knicks up to fourth place in the Eastern Conference (41-31)Although his playoff start was marked by a loss to the Atlanta Hawks in the last gasp of the opening game.

The player, who began his career in the Lakers as number 7 of the 2014 Draft, has finally managed to meet the expectations placed on him and has become an unstoppable weapon from mid-range, also improving its threat from the line of three with 41.1% of success this course.

Randle’s magnificent season earned him a spot on the Atlanta All Star, his first participation in a weekend of the stars. In the ‘Most Improved Player’ vote, Randle clearly edged out Jerami Grant (Detroit Pistons) and Michael Porter Jr. (Denver Nuggets).

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