Juancho Hernangómez after the Spanish title: “It hasn’t been a bed of roses”

Spain was consecrated in EuroBasket after beating France 88-76 in the grand final with a Juancho Hernangomez who was chosen as the MVP thanks to his harvest of 27 points, five rebounds and a PIR of 30.

The title comes at a special moment for the 26-year-old, who served on two NBA teams last season, boston celtics Y Utah Jazzbefore getting a contract with Toronto Raptors at the end of the season.

In addition, Hernangómez had a special exposure for having participated in the film “Hustle”, produced by Lebron James and starring Adam Sandler. That cost him several criticisms on social networks and additional pressure ahead of the EuroBasket.

The Spaniard burst into tears after the match against France and declared: “It has been a long road, a very hard road with many ups and many downs. In the end, by working and believing in yourself, everything comes out afloat. It has not been a road of roses on a personal level, with complicated moments that help to savor these happy moments”.

Despite having a new breed of players, the Spanish team once again demonstrated their hierarchy in an international tournament and won their fourth European championship thanks to a wonderful team effort and the special contribution of Hernangómez.

The MVP of the Final finished the contest with statistics of 12.8 points, five rebounds and an assist in 23.4 minutes to be the third highest scorer in Spain after his brother Willy (17.2) and Lorenzo Brown (15 ,two).

Photo: Getty Images

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